Range Experience

Semester-on-a-Ranch offers much more than a chance for unique college credits.  We are committed to ensuring that students who choose to immerse themselves in the ranching lifestyle will come away with incomparable experiences, connections between both landholders and stakeholders, and certifications in practical skills. A student who commits to a semester will add invaluable depth to their education.

  • Ranching– as Champagne Creek Ranch revolves around the biological cycles, so will possible ranching experiences. These may include fencing, herding, calving, feeding, haying, riding, maintenance, irrigating, etc.
  • Training– an introduction to basic skills will benefit any job-seeker in the western landscape.  Thus, we offer instruction in chainsaw, GPS, map and compass, fire, ATV and First Aid/CPR. Additionally, we offer exposure to a myriad of common western necessities such as horses, livestock, tractors, trailers,  heavy equipment and backroad survival.
  • Experience-just as the range landscape doesn’t end at fences, preparation for land management cannot end with a diploma. Communication among devoted stakeholders must be a focus for future managers. This is a chance to learn on a ranch that recognizes the importance of coordinating proper stewardship with a community of producers, conservationists, and land managers.