Monte MacConnell

Monte lives with his wife, Anne, and his four daughters here on the ranch. He was born in Idaho and spent his younger days immersed in ranch life. Monte is a Marine Corps veteran and served in The Gulf War. He has a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Idaho.

Monte began working with young people as a wilderness instructor and was suprised by how ill-prepared young men were for the life ahead of them. He created Wisdom Ranch School in 2001. The school’s innovative yet common sense approach to working with adolescents proved successful and the school thrived for over a decade. After enjoying a short sabbatical, Monte is back with this current iteration of Wisdom Ranch which is based on the fundamentals that were so successful before.

Matthew McConnell

Matthew’s interest in understanding behavior, motivation, and education has led him to fulfilling work with people in many settings. He has worked with children at a domestic violence shelter, teens in an experiential boarding school, and developmentally disabled adults. 

Matthew has developed programming, mentored staff, and has been an impactful force in the lives of those he has served. 

He is a certified yoga instructor, mediator, and is trained in Motivational Interviewing. 

Hailing from all points in-between, he has found his home in Idaho. 

John Tucker

John has over two decades of experience working with young people and adults. He was one of the architects of Wisdom Ranch School, serving as the Academic Director and Admissions Director.

John has extensive experience developing programming, creating curriculum, and managing staff. He has spent the last several years working in the addiction treatment industry where he continued to advocate for innovative approaches to treatment.

Raised in Columbus, Ohio, he considers this year’s Buckeye football team to be “the best ever”.