Wisdom Ranch Beef

Wisdom Ranch Beef is our grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef, born and raised on Champagne Creek Ranch. Our calves are born in early spring, to predominately Angus mothers, selected for their strong mothering characteristics. They spend the next two years of their lives eating tender grasses in the mountains of our ranch. Our beef represents many hours of work, from midnight calving sessions, daily feedings, and branding, to herding them to greener pastures on horseback. Our cows are finished at Carter Ranch on a diet of alfalfa and grass, in order to produce high quality, flavorful beef. They are then butchered at Michelson’s, a local USDA certified butcher


We package 50lbs of meat per box. Your 50 lbs includes 25lbs of ground beef in 2lb packages and 25lbs of the best cuts of steak including T-bone, Rib, New York, flank, and 2 choice roasts. The meat is shrink wrapped, then paper wrapped and clearly marked to identify specific cuts.


An alert pair on the range

We sell by the pound, based on market price at the time of butchering. Last fall, our boxes shipped at $8.50/lb, plus shipping. This fall, we expect the market price to be between $10-12 per pound, plus shipping via FedEx.


Contact Champagne Creek Ranch
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